For Those Who Wait

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For Those Who Wait

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Amazon [ISBN-10: ISBN-10: 151487766X; ISBN-13: 978-1514877661] US UK


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Amazon [ASIN: B0071H0KS2] US UK Australia Canada
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 For Those Who Wait

Fiona’s very different from the naïve girl who tried to seduce the object of her teenage fantasies five years ago—who, as it happened, was secretly engaged! Noah Wilding is back in her life: divorced, bitter, and just as sexy as ever. And trying to enlist her help stopping the impending marriage of his half-brother to her conniving younger sister.

But that goal gets put on the back burner as Noah starts a campaign of seduction on Fiona—he does owe her, after all, for disappointing her dreams. A romantic week on his private Caribbean island will fix her just fine—and alleviate some of his guilt, too.

Fiona misses the person she used to be. But will fulfilling her wildest sexual fantasies with Noah through hot Caribbean nights restore anything she’s lost?

 Probably not. But couldn’t hurt, either. Right? After all, she’s waited for him for a long time . . .


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