A Bird Without Wings


A Bird Without Wings

Now available in print!

Amazon [ISBN-10: ISBN-10: 1514601222; ISBN-13: 978-1514601228] US UK


Available in ebook format at:
Amazon [ASIN: B00H2NIOY2] US UK Australia Canada
Barnes & Noble
. . . and many more

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A Bird Without Wings

What makes the world go round?

After an impoverished and indigent childhood, Callie Dahl is interested in one thing: money enough to buy her own home. Love and marriage are impractical pursuits, and hold zero attraction for her—though she alleviates her loneliness through the guilty pleasure of an at-far fantasy of her temporary boss, Lucius Ransome.

So when Lucius gives her the task of disproving a long-standing Ransome Family legend, it’s a tossup for her whether the main attraction is the financial bonus he’s promised or the chance to spend time in his company!

Her investigation unravels more than family secrets. As she plunges into a steamy affair with Lucius, everything she holds true comes apart as he introduces her to a world where love actually might mean more than money.


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